Experiments in Crypto

I have almost no idea what I am doing!


I played with BTC mining like 10 years ago and so wish I had continued! I remember setting up a miner on my laughably feeble NAS and joining a mining group. After a few days of listening to the fans whirl I got bored and will never know if I perhaps got a life changing 0.2 BTC or something at that time.

So I have two tasks to complete. I did find a 2013 wallet on my NAS and it seems to be empty but I will be keeping it around just in case whilst I make sure I am doing stuff right.

But that was a purely technical experiment in a fad that I assumed would soon disappear. So many regrets could come from that - but I was honestly just interested in the technology and the wondering if I could get it installed and running rather than expecting any kind of income.

Experiment 1

I am just going to leave these addresses on the internet.

  • Bitcoin: 3ArWVz9kBeuCUcbQNPP3KhPme5z7mkYhrY

  • Filecoin: f1scr5o7cwnc2khkgq5htdsvlgifnvmfyamye5wyy

  • Litecoin: MLGLQBBmY7D9jpYuugEPEBBqDffkBWCCzW


Experiment 2

This is where most of my work and documentation of my learning will be - Starting with a 50 euro collection of the above 3 currencies at CoinBase, chosen at complete random because I liked the names, what happens to this utter novice? Can it be the start of achieving some of our dreams?

I will be trying to learn about various currencies and trade a profit over time. I will document that and how it is to try and find a way into the crypto community and see if it is as toxic as some describe, or as enlightened and generous as others describe!

This I will attempt to do purely by trading - I will not buy new currency - only trade those I have with the goal of reaching 1 BTC

Currently I have split the investment almost evenly with approx 16.3 euro each of Filecoin, Litecoin and Stellar Lumens. I don't know what any of them actually mean and will document from this point as I research them as technologies and as investments before deciding what to do with them!

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