Cloudflare & Gitbook
Getting a free website like this one using Gitbook and CloudFlare


Running some kind of simple blog typically means you either need to hand yourself off entirely to someone else's service (Medium, Wordpress, etc) with a domain name that isn't yours and shared with many other users or you spend a lot of time and effort installing, patching and configuring something that you host yourself.
In both the above cases you are also likely to need to pay (though there are some free services they are typically full of ads).

The Goal

    a site that costs nothing other than the cost of a domain name
    a site that requires no maintenance
    using my own domain
    easy to use - I can just type and format stuff in a reasonable way
    Secured by Cloudflare for DDOS protection, TLS etc


    Your own domain name (optional)


Mandatory steps

    Go to and register a free account
    Follow the simple instructions to get started and customise the site according to your preferences
    Once you have created your first space you are already up and running on domain provided by Gitbook

Optional steps (bring your own domain)

    From the Gitbook dashboard, Choose Advanced -> Custom Domain
    Enter your domain name and click configure
    As described you will now use the provided cname in CloudFlare to point your domain (or subdomain) to the
CNAME added to CloudFlare DNS configuration for your domain
NOTE: It seems like Gitbook will likely have trouble verifying the DNS entry due to CloudFlare proxying. Just ignore that step and go check out your domain!

The Result

Well, you are looking at it already!
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